Wolf on the Run (Paranormal Dysfunction Book 1)
Annaleigh Necaise

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Paranormal Romance


Lisa looking forward to finally starting her life as a teacher in the working world of the golden state of California and having no one to answer to, well perhaps the principal of the school she wants to teach in. A fateful day with her gal pals at an amusement park is more than amusing when she becomes the focus of attention of not one, but two handsome Colorado brothers, Tom and Rob. Lisa believes she has been stricken by a new virus with symptoms of overwhelming lust and wanton desires. Her concerns are brought to a feverish peak when she discovers that she is the magical mate to not just these two werewolf brothers, but a third brother as well- the wolf on the run.
When tragedy strikes and the runaway brother, Bryan, returns injured he requires the family’s support to heal. Lisa and her mates face challenges with Bryan’s return that may severe their mating bond forever. The family of werewolves is forced to seek the help of the famous paranormal therapists, The Three. This infamous group of hippy therapists is a mismatched set of werewolf mates, who work together to seek a solution to the troubled mate set with their reluctant werewolf, Bryan.
This romp of a story includes the world’s best brownies, a freak fest of an 80’s theme party with rainbow leg warmers (worn by reluctant, but manly werewolves no less), and the interference of two lonely, handsome werewolf brothers from Mississippi hoping to claim Lisa. Lisa faces the most difficult decision of her life when forced to choose whether to break self-made vows and stay with her mates in Colorado, or to move on to new mates down south.