Look Both Ways (Paranormal Dysfunctions Book 2)

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Paranormal Romance


Marguax is a beautiful woman with a delightfully mixed heritage. She is beginning her life anew after ending a troubled marriage to an unfaithful, manipulative husband. She pursues her happiness by moving to her mother’s home state, Mississippi; she wants to find the joy and fun she experienced visiting her cousins as a child. However she doesn’t just find a new place to thrive; she is discovered by two werewolf brothers, the charmingly primal Lamar and Merle (featured in the previous Paranormal Dysfunctions book 1- Wolf on the Run).
Marguax must now face difficult life decisions she never imagined. Can she give up the freedom she just gained? Will she be able to handle the disturbing new truths about her heritage? There are times a person must look in their past to find the future. Information revealed in the exploration of Marguax’s past will change her life completely.
Merle and Lamar struggle against the drive of their animalistic nature to accept the knowledge that fate may have brought them a second chance to have a mate after they tragically lost their first. This magical opportunity is complicated by the beautiful Marguax fighting any relationship against her choice. For Marguax, her control in her life is essential after the difficulties of leaving her ex-husband. The two brothers will do anything in their power to keep their mate safe and ensure she sees the benefits of loving them both. They will even keep their energetic mother in the dark about their challenges to prevent her loving interference, most likely in the form of a pecan pie. Their antics include unorthodox strategies that the two would rather keep to themselves. They believe all is fair in love where Marguax is concerned, even if it does involve a few humiliating actions that will put a grin on the reader’s face. However, the heat of this mating will burn down all barriers, if only Marguax will accept the two handsome werewolves and allow passion to ignite.

Warning: This story contains graphic sex in the context of a loving relationship with multiple partners and is written for mature audiences only. It also contains content about racism and hatred in the story line.