Childs' Proof (A Victoria Childs Novel Book 1)
Neeley Bratcher

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Romantic Suspense, Womensleuths


Secretary, and accomplished rubber-band ninja, Victoria Childs is having a rough time. Her boss is intolerable, her job is tedious, and to top it all off the vending machine steals her last quarter. She’s tired. She’s in a rut. She wants to get out from under it and find adventure. True excitement always seems just beyond her reach. But one evening, in her rush to leave the office for the weekend, she becomes a bit careless! Suddenly she is running for her life as her mundane world explodes into chaos around her. In desperation, she falls into the protective arms of the dazzling, yet somewhat impenetrable, Detective Varner. Is there honesty behind his angelic face? Can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? Can she even trust herself? Find out in Neeley Bratcher’s first novel, Childs’ Proof!

**WARNING! WARNING! This book does have adult material! Meaning, there are some bad words (not excessive), sex (again, not excessive), and adult humor. There is also complete and total silliness that will make you laugh out loud and embarrass yourself in public (believe me, I've had emails!). So, if you're looking for a lighthearted read, with some bad words, sex, and adult humor, this book is for you. If any of these things offends you, go ahead and move on. End Disclaimer :)