Secrets Make You Sick by Trevor Kleinhans

biography ebook "Secrets Make You Sick" by Trevor Kleinhans

Genre: Biography

Only 3 percent of crack cocaine addicts beat their addiction. Trevor Kleinhans was one of them. In his book, Secrets Make You Sick, Trevor takes readers on a remarkable journey to the darkest pits of denial as he uncovers the cause of his drug abuse and ultimately, illness.

It’s a gripping, graphic tale with a strong message of healing that follows Trevor’s journey from age 6 to today. A great read for both those trying to beat an addiction and their families.

This story will capture your imagination as it takes you through the life of a gay man living in South Africa in the early 1980s and enduring arrest; through a childhood of living with an alcoholic father and with a sexually abusive sibling; through two years of compulsory National Service in apartheid South Africa and the horrors witnessed along the way; and through abusive relationships with no clear way out, and a path that led to drugs and illness. Yet, even after all of this, Trevor was able to heal, recover, and live with HIV. Find out how he emptied his Emotional Tank, and why you need to do the same.

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