Bronwyn’s Stand (Choosing Love) by E Kelly

a romance ebook "Bronwyn's Stand (Choosing Love)" by E Kelly

Genre: Romance

Bronwyn Barrister has her life in order. She has loyal friends, a successful business and a family who loves her beyond measure. She has everything she has ever had the courage to dream for. One man, however, has begun to threaten it all. She sent him to prison for eleven years – But now he’s free to exact his revenge. With menacing phone calls and vile threats he stalks her. He is a monster from her past, the past she tries to hide.
When Vincent Lane and his team are hired by Bronwyn’s uncle to keep her safe he finds himself drawn in by her beauty, strength and wicked intelligence. And when he allows himself to look beyond the surface he discovers the woman behind the defenses – a woman who strips him bare and makes him want. As the stalking and danger escalate to arson Vincent is torn between ecstasy and terror. He must find a way to stop this madman before it’s too late.

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