Set 4 of Summer Book Blast ’13!

Set 4 of Summer Book Blast ’13!

Here are the fourth set of best-selling kindle books on sale for only 99cents available both on Amazon UK & US!

  • Curse of the Beast (Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance) by Ashley Lavering
  • The Gatekeeper’s Sons (Paranormal, Fantasy) by Eva Pohler
  • Forged by Greed (Fantasy, Children’s Fiction) by Angela Orlowski-Peart
  • Crush (Young Adult, Contemporary Romance) by Lacey Weatherford
  • Freak of Nature (Young Adult, Fantasy) by Julia Crane
  • Wolf on the Run (Paranormal Romance) by Annaleigh Necaise
  • Obtained (Paranormal Romance) by Shanora Williams
  • The Acropolis (Young Adult, Paranormal Romance) by R.K. Ryals
  • Relentless (New Adult, Contemporary, Romance) by Cassia Leo
  • Zoey (Coming of Age, Romance ) by Lizzy Ford

Best-Selling Kindle Books on Sale for only 99cents! Buy NOW

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