Set 1 of Summer Book Blast ’13!

Set 1 of Summer Book Blast '13!

Here are the first set of books on sale for only 99cents available both on Amazon UK & US!

  • Fire in her Eyes (Coming of Age, Romance) by Amanda Heath
  • Sudden Hope (Coming of Age, Romance) by Mira Garland
  • Bitten Shame (Paranormal Romance) by Olivia Hardin
  • Falling to Pieces (New Adult, Contemporary Romance) by Amber Garza
  • In My Dreams (Paranormal, Fantasy) by Cameo Renae
  • Grade A Stupid (Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller) by A. J. Lape
  • Broken Promises (Fantasy, Romance, Suspense) by Belinda Boring
  • Blood Awakening (Paranormal Romance, Fantasy) by Wenona Hulsey
  • Forbidden Territory (Action & Adventure, Romance) by Melissa Pearl
  • Childs’ Proof (Romance, Suspense) by Neeley Bratcher

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For updates, participate w/ our event! Enter&win prizes and have fun w/ your fave authors on FB Event – Summer Book Blast ’13!

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