Chasing Eliza by Rebecca King

Chasing Eliza by Rebecca King

Genre: Historical Romance

The Cavendish Mysteries – Book Three

Edward Cavendish is determined he will never go the way of his brothers Dominic and Sebastian. He isn’t foolish enough to be caught by the parson’s trap for any man – or woman, no matter how delectable the intriguing bundle of feminine trouble might be.

But when his eyes meet those of the mysterious Eliza, his pulse begins to pound, and he knows he cannot leave without learning if she is Jemima, his brother-in-law’s elusive lover, or her sister Eliza.

Eliza is a bold and beautiful woman faced with a ruthless adversary. In order to survive, she needs the help of the one man she knows can prove more of a danger to her than the notorious smuggler who has murdered her father and seems intent on capturing her. Just being near this boldly passionate gentleman named Edward makes her nerves tingle with excitement and her pulse pound with anticipation. But can she trust this ruthless warrior who seems determined to fight her cause? Or is his interest in her driven purely by his need to help his brother-in-law?

Together they must vanquish a ruthless enemy whilst confronting their own desires before ghosts from the past tear them apart forever.

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